You are completely average

Are you normal? Maybe!

It stings the ego a little to learn that you are average. And yet, by definition, that's exactly what you are in many ways — probably. An "average" is determined by measuring characteristics of a population, and most people fall within the middle of such measurements. For most things we can measure — whether it's how flexible you are, how much coffee you drink, how much sleep you get each night — you're probably somewhere in the middle and not at the extreme ends of the scale.

By definition, you're probably average for a great many such measurements. Ouch!

So why is this important when it comes to pain or dysfunction, the reasons people visit their osteopath?

People with aches and pains often lament "I feel like I'm falling apart". It's easy to think "why me??" when you start feeling pain. And of course it's not just you — plenty of other people who are just like you experience similar discomfort. You are not alone! In other words you're normal, average, just like many others. We can't "see" pain, so we're often blissfully ignorant of the suffering of others. How many people do you know have back ache, knee pain, ankle pain, neck pain…? Can't think of many? Well there are plenty — I know because I see them as patients every day. And guess what? They're all just like you — perfectly normal.

So next time those aches and pains start to bother you again, take a deep breath and remember that you're not alone. And of course come to see me to get some help! There's no need to suffer in silence and isolation. Email [email protected].