Final output

This research project will take a pragmatic approach, and some elements will be put into immediate practice. The information collected will enable the manual therapy Allied Health Professions to identify mismatches between the expectations of researchers, clinicians and patients regarding evidence-informed practice. This will provide valuable detail for regulators, policy makers and health care commissioners who aim to improve the rate at which evidence is adopted into practice. It will also highlight areas where further research would be beneficial.

It is hoped that this project will provide a template for others who are aiming to improve the efficiency of secondary research, and the impact of research on clinical practice.

Ultimately, this approach will enable the student to create a library of regularly updated synopses for manual therapy Allied Health Professions, and a growing network of clinicians who will advocate within their professions. This approach will be readily adaptable for use by other health-care professions, and generalisable across other practice settings including NHS and private clinics.

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